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Showing Off at Nisei Week 2o11

Saturday August 13, 2011-Little Tokyo

Gushi Auto Int’l, Inc.’s Race Car was honored to be displayed at the Bosozoku Racer’s booth at the Showoff Nisei Week Carshow on Saturday, August 13th, 2011! I got to hang out with the Bosozoku Racer’s all day! I took hundreds of pictures, chatted it up, drank with some great new friends (non-alcoholic for me), munched, and lounged in a comfortable foldout chair. Everyone was so sweet and made me feel so comfortable like I was apart of the Bosozoku Family. It was one caliente day and you know what that meant, lots of girls in little clothes in hot cars! There were lots of gorgeous models that got their photos taken by the Infamous Deanglo! (picture link below)

Even I, got some snap shots in for the first time ever! So pleaseeeee excuse my awkward stiffness, I am a driver, not a model.  Had a great lunch with Damien, Andy, Brian, & Mike at Mitsura Cafe in J-Town.! Then we did our walk around and checked out some sick rides at the Car Show while burning off those calories from lunch. Saw a 1963 Subaru 360!. Super kawaiiyo! Got to witness the brand new Lexus LF-A, a mob of RX-3s, a gang of  Hachirokus, some sweet Datsuns, some VIP’ed out Lexos, a few badass subies and some ridonkulously cambered hondas. Overall…a great weekend. Cannot go wrong with good friends, cars, food, and getting everyone else drunk!

The Winners!

Congrats to Derek Y. for taking 1st Place Other Class & Brian Karasawa for taking Old School Showoff Class from Bosozoku Racer’s Team!

Thank you to the Bosozoku Racer’s for inviting me with open arms into their showstopping car show scene! Thank you to Andy Otsuki for making it possible to display our Race Car at the Bosozoku Booth. Thank you to my boyfriend for working so hard to make the car show appearance possible. You make me unbelievable happy dude. I am so happy to meet all my new wonderful friends Lilli-ann, Dillon, Todd, Mike, Mike & Bosozoku Momma & Family, Brian, Derek, Annie, Steph, Deanne, & so many more that I did not get formally introduced too, and yet still treated me soo well. It was great seeing lots of good friends at the show like Deangelo, Ferdie & Cocoa, Antonio, Sean, Brian, John, Danny, Yuji, Corey, JonnyMac, Athena, Taku and a few more homefries.

My pictures from Nisei Week:

Password: gushiauto

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